Guest Post: Nikki from Fashions on the Fly

Hi all, I'm Nikki from Fashions on the Fly.  I hope that Lilly has a blast on her trip that she is embarking on, I do have to say I'm very jealous of her travels! But I'm ecstatic that Lilly is letting me post here today to share my equal love for fashion.

Who doesn't get excited for when the massive edition of InStyle or any fashion magazine comes out in Sept? I think I look forward to Sept just because of all the new Fall fashions I get to view.  While going through those fashion bibles my eyes are studying all of the trends, pondering how I can incorporate myself in that style and thinking where I can get the best bang for my buck for the clothing articles.  Now lets not deny that everything in those magazines can sometimes be a bank account drainer, but I think that one item is ok to splurge on. With that said, I want to show you a few key items to splurge on and items to save on.

Lets start with the items to save on   


 Don't get me wrong I LOVE cashmere scarfs just as much as the next girl but wouldn't you rather save that money and spend it on a big key item instead.
So here are a couple of great examples of affordable scarfs. The flower one on the left is from Target for $12.99 and the one on the right is made by Textile Monster on Esty for $18.00! I love the pompom detail on that scarf! These are both so adorable and will keep you warm during those chilly winter days.


I think that every season you need to buy a new sweater. You know that old one got stretched out, snags, and hanger shoulder bumps from all the wear and tear. Sweaters to me are classic looking closet staples and a fast go-to outfit added with some jeans. Here are some pretty awesome sweaters I might have to purchase after Oct is over.
Both of these awesome sweaters are less than $40 they can be found at Kohls and JcPennys!

Now for the items you can splurge on!


Lets not lie, I am a huge boot/shoe fan and EVERY fall season I have to buy a new pair of boots! One season I'll buy a black pair and the next season I'll buy a brown pair. Boots are so comfy and they keep your feet warm from the weather. Another thing I've loved about boots, you can wear whatever color or length of socks underneath them and no one will notice! I always wear colorful thick socks or some old nasty volleyball socks that I would be more than embarrassed to have anyone see them on me in public off the court in.  So here are some of my favorite boots. The ones on the right are from Nine West and on the left is from one of my favorite stores Free People


I always have a coat or a jacket it on, speaking of that I actually have a jacket on right at this moment. Coats to me equal warmth and if I am warm that equals happiness and comfort. That's my logic! Here are my favs! The coat on the left is obviously from Victoria Secret ( i say obviously because of the model) and the one on the right is from North Face.

There you have it. Its been a real treat sharing my thoughts of when to splurge when to save. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and Lilly bring me back something great ;)


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