Comfy, Cozy, BUSY

Oh my goodness, it is that time of year that everything
has piled up and the pressure is on. Exams are next week
for me and I have quite a lot to do! I have also gotten
a head start on searching for my internship this summer
and wow, applications are stressful.

In all honesty, I should not
even be making this post right now... but hey blogging is
fun and somewhat stress relieving. And I had to show off this
beautiful vintage dress I purchased yesterday from a brand
new vintage boutique in my town. And it happens to be
right next to my house which could be a bad thing. Or
a very, very good thing... Haha.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely week!

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wearing: vintage dress via The Grey Dog; vintage sweater; bag via Francesca; Jeffrey Cambell 'Miracle' wedge.


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